Automatic Semen Bag

  • Blisters for packaging semen doses. Semen Bags are produced under our signature “RTC” control process (Reproductive Toxicity Control).

RTC: Reproductive Toxicity Control

RTC is a set of quality control tools applied at a chemical and biological level by Magapor to its packaging materials to offer a product “safe for reproduction.”

Such strict process guarantees a product controlled for Phthalates, Bisphenol A, Badge, Cyclic Lactone and PVC which could develop reprotoxic effects by migration to the semen dose.

How Does Our Quality Control work?

We keep our mother rolls in quarantine until the test results are received from the University of Zaragoza. Up to a 0.6% rejection rate has been documented. The manufactured roll will be kept in quarantine until we obtain positive results to the sperm functionality test

  • In addition, our products are specifically identified on the cardboard box with the following information:PCS. Product Name, Product Code// Xn mm-dd-yy  BM   xxx    Customer  i.e.: Semen- Bag automatica MEN02919//  G1 0929-15 BM 153 AIM


Magapor has a worldwide insurance of 6,000,000 EUR invested in the product.

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