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Quality parameters

  • Quality: We meet the most rigorous needs
  • Technology: Evaluation and continuous improvement
  • High Performance: Extenders selected by the most demanding technicians from all over the world
  • ​Results: Customers' results back us up

Duragen 100L and Duragen 5L

Vitasem 100L and 5L

Spermax 100L and Spermax 5L
Next Generation Extender


Ergos Dummy & Autocollect 
Automated System for collecting ejaculates

  • Suitable for all breeds and facilities
  • One worker can collect two boars at the same time
  • ​Increases the ejaculated volume collected per boar
  • ​Reduces result variability among workers, standardizing the collection process. The collection process would just depend on the boar
  • ​Hygiene: reduces the risk of bacterial contamination in the ejaculate
  • ​Eases and enhances daily work

Ergos Dummy Characteristics

  • Adaptable: suitable for manual and automatic collection when combined with the Autocollect system
  • ​Ergonomic: safe and comfortable for the boar
  • ​Resistant
  • ​Easy and quick to clean: built on stainless steel, the floor support is designed to evacuate water

Autocollect Characteristics

  • Composed of a mobile guide to be installed inside the Ergos Dummy, as well as a mobile structure to fit the Autocollect Cervix and thermo flask
  • ​Two positions: fix or free movement
  • ​The boar leaves the system after ejaculating

Semen Quality System

Magavision- Computerized Semen Analysis System (CASA)

The Magavision is a computerized system that analyses seminal quality. The system analyzes sperm motility, morphology and semen concentration. The Magavision analysis is highly accurate and it removes its subjectivity as it is based on mathematical calculations.
One key advantage of the Magavision system is that sperm morphology is measured before the processing of each ejaculate, meaning that the measuring of concentration in the dose is made on sperm cells without defects. This increases safety in the use of the dose, as ejaculate with more than 30% of pathological cells, will negatively affect the number of piglets born, as well as the farrowing rate.
Components: microscope with heated bench, camera HD, and the management software (Gessipor). As pictures show below.



  • Foam catheter with the Magaplus-S conjugated catheter (inner catheter)
  • ​Features a rear adapter with a cap to prevent backflow, compatible with most packaging formats in the market
  • ​Individual packaging per set
  • ​Packing: 250 pieces per box

Magaplus - S

  • Specially designed, flexible probe to inseminate easily without injury to the sow
  • ​The probe itself has optimal flexibility to ensure it is correctly inserted, and the semen dose is placed in the right spot
  • ​The specially designed tip prevents injury to the reproductive tract of the female as it is inseminated

C - Magaplus - N

  • The only inner catheter in the market specially designed for gilts
  • ​It’s thinner in diameter and shorter in length compared to the Magaplus-S
  • ​Has a rounded shaped tip with no edges that prevents internal lesions or bleeding in gilts

Foam Catheter for sows

  • Features a rear adapter with a cap to prevent backflow; compatible with most packaging formats in the market
  • ​Can be used as a guide catheter in post-cervical insemination techniques
  • ​Packing: 800 pieces per box (5 units per pack)

Foam Catheter for gilts

  • Features a rear adapter with a cap to prevent backflow; compatible with most packaging formats in the market
  • ​Can be used as a guide catheter in post-cervical insemination techniques in gilts
  • ​Packing: 500 pieces per box (5 units per pack)

Semen Bags

Automatic Semen Bag

Blisters for packaging semen doses. Semen Bags are produced under our signature “RTC” control process (Reproductive Toxicity Control).

RTC: Reproductive Toxicity Control

RTC is a set of quality control tools applied at a chemical and biological level by Magapor to its packaging materials to offer a product “safe for reproduction.”
Such strict process guarantees a product controlled for Phthalates, Bisphenol A, Badge, Cyclic Lactone and PVC which could develop reprotoxic effects by migration to the semen dose.

How Does Our Quality Control work?

We keep our mother rolls in quarantine until the test results are received from the University of Zaragoza. Up to a 0.6% rejection rate has been documented. The manufactured roll will be kept in quarantine until we obtain positive results to the sperm functionality test.

In addition, our products are specifically identified on the cardboard box with the following information:PCS. Product Name, Product Code// Xn mm-dd-yy BM xxx Customer i.e.: Semen- Bag automatica MEN02919// G1 0929-15 BM 153 AIM

Packaging Equipment

Automatic device for packaging and labeling semen doses

  • Packaging speed up to 1000 pcs/hour
  • ​Prints QR code or bar code, or both on the same label
  • ​Works with different blister formats (PCAI and standard AI)
  • ​Built in stainless steel and anodized aluminum, easy to clean: the front panel can be disassembled for daily cleaning just by removing four screws
  • ​Printer is inside the machine (isolated)

Automatic device for dilution
Equipment for preparing reconstituted extender which provides instantly and at the required temperature, the volume of extender and water necessary for elaborating semen doses.

  • Thanks to its design, it warms just the water needed
  • ​Once the water in the thermostatic bath is warmed (15 minutes approximately), there is no waiting times
  • ​Constant output of warmed extender and water for preparing the quantity of extender required for each day without excess, in a quick and practical manner
  • ​Increase productivity and profitability
  • ​Its closed circuit prevents the risk of water contamination. Water does not enter in contact with the interior thermostatic bath, preventing possible contamination
  • ​Saves work space in the laboratory

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