Automatic device for packaging and labeling semen doses.

  •  Packaging speed up to 1000 pcs/hour.

  • Prints QR code or bar code, or both on the same label

  • Works with different blister formats (PCAI and standard AI)

  • Built in stainless steel and anodized aluminum, easy to clean: the front panel can be disassembled for daily cleaning just by removing four screws

  • Printer is inside the machine (isolated)


Automatic device for dilution

Equipment for preparing reconstituted extender which provides instantly and at the required temperature, the volume of extender and water necessary for elaborating semen doses.

  • Thanks to its design, it warms just the water needed

  • Once the water in the thermostatic bath is warmed (15 minutes approximately), there is no waiting times

  • Constant output of warmed extender and water for preparing the quantity of extender required for each day without excess, in a quick and practical manner. 

  • Increase productivity and profitability

  • Its closed circuit prevents the risk of water contamination. Water does not enter in contact with the interior thermostatic bath, preventing possible contamination

  • Saves work space in the laboratory

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