ATM- American Technical Meeting, Bloomington, Minneapolis

What an honor it was for us to host our Second Annual – American Technical Meeting – ATM in Minneapolis, MN this past week…

Our sincere thank you to the great speakers that took the time to share their knowledge and expertise with us; thank you!

To the attendees, thank you as well for making it a priority to come and be part of the discussions regarding the future and latest innovations of the swine reproduction industry. We trust you took lots of ideas and perspectives back to your operations.

The feedback has been excellent from those speaking and attending…

A special thank you to Dr. Cristina Nerín from the University of Zaragoza for presenting the clear and potential dangers that reprotoxics in plastics can have in our operations today.

The ATM – American Technical Meeting is part of MB Swine Reproduction’s plan to add value to our reproduction industry in the U.S. Interested in learning more about this “by invitation only”, drop us a line and let us know. Plans are already on their way for our 3rd ATM in 2020!

December 2019

September 2019


MB Swine Reproduction/Magapor participated in the Shelby County #Ag FEST - #STEM Initiative!

Many thanks to this year's #Ag FEST - STEM Fair organizers at the Shelby County Fairgrounds for putting such a great event promoting science to kids of all ages.

It was an honor for us at #MB Swine/Magapor to share our swine reproduction technologies with such a curious and fun audience of young students interested in science.

A special THANK YOU goes to the Iowa Pork Producers Association! - #IPPA for providing many of the swags for the #STEM Fair!!

The kids at the fair enjoyed and had fun with these!!

Thank you!

September 2019

MB Swine Reproduction at Leman Swine Conference in St. Paul, MN!

We enjoyed and appreciated participating in the 2019 Leman Swine Conference in St. Paul, MN!

On behalf of Magapor and Bretanha, a big thank you to everyone that came by our booth to learn more about MB Swine Reproduction and how we are adding value to the swine reproduction sector in the U.S.

We thank you for your support and continued interest in our products and services!

March 2019

MB Swine Reproduction & Magapor attend the 2019 AASV's Annual Conference

MB Swine Reproduction, exclusive distributor in the U.S. for Magapor, was present at the recent 2019 AASV's Annual Conference.

Representing MB Swine Reproduction at the conference were Pedro Ivo de Quadros Filho, MB Swine Reproduction's CEO, and Jean Pedro de Quadros, General Manager for the company.
Magapor's technical director, Raquel Ausejo, attended the AASV's annual meeting as a presenter. Her presentation: "What has been learnt from plastics" focused on the impact past problems with reprotoxic compounds found in plastics have had on the industry around the world, highlighting the strict quality control processes Magapor applies to its manufacturing to ensure their product is safe for reproduction.

MB Swine Reproduction was proud to be a part of the 2019 AASV conference, marking the 50th anniversary for the annual meeting, in Orlando, Florida!

Coming soon...

We are please to announce the 14th Edition of Magapor's International Technical Meeting held at Zaragoza, Spain from April 22nd to April 26th of 2019. Since 2006 our parent company, Magapor, has been organizing the ITM Magapor® congress with the aim of creating a meeting point to share knowledge, opinions, problems and working methods by getting together and sharing experiences.

This professional networking event, brings together reproduction specialists from more than 30 countries around the world with the goal of sharing experiences and discussing the latest techniques and advances in Swine Reproduction.

More than 










Iowa Pork Congress

Greetings! Our team is at the Iowa Pork Congress in Des Moines, IA We look forward to seeing you...Come by our booth #1110 to visit about your reproduction technology needs! MAGAPOR Especialistas en Inseminación Artificial MB Swine Reproduction

MB Swine Reproduction and Magapor host “Latest Advances and Innovations in Swine Reproduction” event in Bloomington, MN…

Sponsored by MB Swine Reproduction and Magapor, the first reproduction technologies meeting to discuss advances and innovations in swine reproduction was held this past Dec. 3rd and 4th, 2018 in Bloomington, MN.

With more than 60 attendees representing 30 companies from the swine reproduction sector, renowned international speakers discussed and engaged in positive and fruitful conversations regarding the state of the reproduction technologies industry today. Swine reproduction specialists from Spain, Mexico, Chile, the Netherlands, Brazil and the U.S. were present at the meeting.

Speakers at the event included Dr. Kara Stewart from Purdue University, Dr. Darwin Reicks from Reicks Veterinary Research & Consulting, Dr. Raquel Ausejo from Magapor, and Dr. Pedro Ivo Quadros from MB Swine Reproduction.

The purpose and discussions at the meeting centered on sharing the latest information on swine reproduction technologies to help strengthen and transform the swine reproduction industry.

Feedback from participants at the event was very positive with plans for next year’s event already started. Next year’s event will be held on the same dates…

MB Swine Reproduction and Magapor sincerely thank the participants and the great speakers that helped make their first swine reproductive technologies meeting a success!

EuroTier Trade Show

Hanover, Germany 

November 2018

MB Swine Reproduction and Magapor attended the EuroTier Trade Show in Hanover Germany.


EuroTier is a massive livestock and poultry exposition that is far larger than any other event in our industry. Thousands of European and Asian visitors were present at the event in addition to significant numbers of attendees from North and South America. Our CEO, Pedro Ivo de Quadros Filho, represented the MB Swine’s team as well as Bretanha’s team at the event. He was impressed with the structure and the size of the event and in referring to his experience said: “EuroTier, together with the World Pork Expo and VIV China, are the three largest swine fairs in the world.”

Mc Fleeg's Swine Congress

This past August, MB Swine Reproduction had the great opportunity to attend Mc Fleeg's Swine Day Summit in Watertown, South Dakota. We had a great time meeting and visiting with several Hutterite swine producers in the area and learning more about their operations.  We appreciated being able to show our commitment to our industry by attending the Swine Day Summit, showcasing our products and promoting our brand 

August 2018

World Pork Expo

MB Swine was at the World Pork Expo June 6 -9, 2018!The WPX is the largest swine trade fair in the world.


This year, MB Swine together with Magapor brought their newest technology to share with customers such as the Magapor Integrated System; a complete solution to automate all processes involved in the production of high quality semen doses.

The Magapor Integrated System features full traceability from collection to insemination. In addition, an innovative high performance semen extender was introduced - Spermax.


The WPX was definitely a great success for MB Swine as we continue sharing our high quality products and technology in the American swine market.


Contact us to learn more about our high quality reproductive technology products!

June 2018

ITM International Meeting

April 2018

"Field experiences applicable to productivity improvement."

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Between April 23rd and April 25th, 2018, MB Swine hosted an American delegation comprised of 10 people to visit Magapor, one of our parent companies, facilities in Spain.


Magapor is among the 3 largest producers of pork breeding technologies in the world, and MB Swine is proudly their exclusive distributor in the United States.


During this opportunity, the group visited Magapor's production lines of extenders, bags (packaging), machines to automatize the boar studs, and catheters as well. In addition, we all were there for the release of Magapor's new long duration extender - Spermax.

MB Swine and American Delegation together in Zaragoza, Spain.

ASSV Annual Meeting 

MB Swine Reproduction's CEO presents at the 2018 AASV annual meeting

March 2018

In his lecture, Pedro approached the subject with a technical focus , explaining the importance of ensuring semen quality, through constant analysis of doses produced at the boar studs, mapping the entire “flow production” and mainly guaranteeing the standardization of all handlings in order to avoid future reproduction problems at the farms. Whether that might be fluctuation in the data of “return to estrus”, “farrowing rate” or “total born”.  Or even more severe issues where bacteria grows in the semen due to poor hadling, the most aggressive bacteria being  the “Serratia Marcescens”.  


This program, approaching the above mentioned topics, is already a success in Brazil and maps over 3,000 boars of brazillian breed.


For more information, please contact us at MB Swine Reproduction.

Magapor, S.L and Bretanha 

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