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Quality control for extenders: the key to success
Comparison between extenders
​The science behind extenders
Plastic bags and reproductive failures
The influence of plastics on semen fertility
Plastics Reprotoxicity infographic
Plastics & Reprotoxicity: Risks and methods of control
Protocols to avoid toxicity from plastics
​The truth about toxicity in plastics
​Semen production. Review of techniques from collection to packaging
​HQS Program: Program results in USA, Brazil and Spain
​Advantages and Disadvantages of Pooling Boar Semen
Reducing Concentration in Doses. How low can we go?
Semen production around the world
Study of testicles from boars eliminated from artificial boar studs
Post-Cervical AI infographic
Post-cervical insemination
Post-Cervical AI: How to maximize the advantages from the use of the technique
Extenders infographic