Ergos & Autocollect. Automated System for collecting ejaculates.


Advantages of Ergos Dummy & Autocollect

Increased dose production per boar!

Ergos Dummy Characteristics:

  • Adaptable: suitable for manual and automatic collection when combined with the Autocollect system.

  • Ergonomic: safe and comfortable for the boar.

  • Resistant.

  • Easy and quick to clean: built on stainless steel, the floor support is design to evacuate water.

Autocollect Characteristics:

  • Composed of a mobile guide to be installed inside the Ergos Dummy, as well as a mobile structure to fit the Autocollect Cervix and thermo flask.

  • Two positions: fix or free movement.

  • The boar leaves the system after ejaculating.

  • Suitable for all breeds and facilities.

  • One worker can collect two boars at the same time.

  • Increases the ejaculated volume collected per boar.

  • Reduces result variability among workers, standardizing the collection process. The collection process would just depend on the boar.

  • Hygiene: reduces the risk of bacterial contamination in the ejaculate.

  • Eases and enhances daily work.

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