Written by MB Swine Team on Jul. 28th 2020
"MB Swine is a family company one hundred percent involved with day-to-day operations, because we want to help our clients to be more efficient."

🗨️ Pedro Ivo de Quadros Filho, CEO
Written by MB Swine Team on Jul. 22nd 2020
▪️ Control the exposure to light, ensuring at least 12 hours with a 250-LUX intensity;
▪️ Feed during the coolest times of the day or divide the feed in several doses;
▪️ Use cooling systems (cooling panels or air conditioning);
▪️ Maintain an adequate renewal of boars to cope with the possible fall in productivity in summer;
▪️ Offer them a nutritional complement for boars to guarantee the optimum intake of the essential micronutrients, vitamins and amino acids necessary to maximize their sperm production;
▪️ Clean water with enough flow (2-3 litres/min) at their disposal at all times;
▪️ Perform the seminal collection at the coolest times of the day and air-condition the collection area;
▪️ In outdoor facilities, provide shades.
Written by MB Swine Team on Jun. 24th 2020
Among the 16 Brazilian companies who won the 12th Edition of The Best Swine Farming in 2020, 13 of them are Bretanha's customers. As you may be aware, Bretanha Suinos together with Magapor, as a joint venture, are responsible for creating MB Swine Reproduction in the U.S.
It is with great satisfaction that Bretanha celebrates the achievement of these Brazilian pig producers as it validates and reflects the care and quality of pig production in Brazil. In addition, it serves as testimony for the consistent quality of Magapor products and their impact, not only in Brazil but in more than 50 countries around the world including the U.S. Our "hats off" to all the people that behind the scenes, produce a safe supply of pork in Brazil.
Written by MB Swine Team on Jun. 17th 2020
In this first video of many scheduled to be released in our platform, MB Swine's CEO from Brazil, Pedro Ivo de Quadros Filho, shares his thoughts about MB Swine Reproduction's future and mission in the U.S.

Stay tuned for more!
Written by MB Swine Team on Mar. 30th 2020
From all of us at Magapor and MB Swine, we want to publicly express our appreciation and respect for the work of all health personnel, police and military personnel, and all transporters, farmers, grocery workers, pharmacies and other places, all of whom in an exemplary manner, continue to work to keep the food chain supplied, our health and the safety of everyone.

Furthermore, we want to share how proud we are of each person in our teams at Magapor and MB Swine. Thank you for your dedication and professionalism you have shown. This allows us to continue with our mission of supplying products, equipment, and technical service to the pork industry in its reproduction phase.

Our gratitude for being there and responding to this crisis with your utmost commitment and responsibility.

Together we are stronger!
Written by MB Swine Team on Mar. 12nd 2020
🎓 Later research has demonstrated that not only multilayer containers present these type of toxics, but all plastic materials in general (heat-sealed tubes included), so it is essential that good internal quality control of plastic containers (regardless if they are multilayer or monolayer) is able to detect the minimum change in composition or functioning.
🔬 Since this case occurred Magapor has implemented in a complementary way to its quality control protocol the RTC system (Reproductive Toxicity Control), which is the chemical plastic level systematic analysis to be able to identify the presence of unknown substances in its materials. This chemical analysis is highly valued because until that moment these compounds had not been taken into account as they were unknown.
📰 Quality control protocols to avoid reproductive toxicity from plastics (technical team, Magapor, S.L.)
Written by MB Swine Team on Mar. 10th 2020
Last Sunday, March the 8th, our colleague Raquel Ausejo, manager of the R&D and Biotechnology & Veterinary Department, gave a presentation at the 51st congress of the AASV, American Association of Swine Veterinarians, together with MB SWINE REPRODUCCIÓN. On this occasion, their annual meeting is being held from the 7th to the 10th of March, at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia.
Her talk was in the afternoon, at 04:15 pm, and was entitled “Study of testicles from boars eliminated from artificial insemination centers.”
Our representatives Jean Pedro de Quadros and Orlando Gil, from MB SWINE REPRODUCTION, have been behind the tech tables, seizing the opportunity to show the American production sector our know-how and products for swine artificial insemination. Undoubtedly, it also is the premier chance to interact with specialists and professionals from around the world.

If circumstances allow it, the next appointment of the Association will be in San Francisco, California, from February 27 to March 2, 2021.
Once again, congratulations to the organizers for this successful edition!

📰 magapor.com
Written by MB Swine Team on Feb. 26th 2020
🦠 Serratia marcescens is a primary pathogen for swine semen that, according to the authors, is present in 10.3% of pig semen isolates (Althouse & Lu, 2005) or in 12.55% (Luis et al., 2013). It is also very important due to its multi-resistance. The main source of Serratias seems to be the boar although we have not been able to isolate it either in foreskin or in pure semen.
🐽 In addition, Serratia is an agent that easily contaminates the conduction systems and is resistant to the “usual” cleaning and disinfection steps performed routinely in the boar studs, thereby creating biofilms on wet surfaces that are difficult to access and can survive despite the cleaning measures that are set in the stud.
🖥️ A strict cleaning and disinfection monitoring, as well as an internal quality control capable of detecting slight changes in the behavior of the produced doses, are decisive to be able to detect the problem before the seminal doses are used in the farm.
📰 Ausejo R, Mendoza N, Miguel J, Dahmani Y, Fuentes E. (R & D Biotechnology Department of Magapor, S.L.)
Written by MB Swine Team on Feb. 12nd 2020
🐷 Spermax, Duragen, and Vitasem have been designed to preserve semen doses with maximum safety and offer the best results in terms of prolificity, fertility and viable piglets.
✔️ The specific energy precursors included for the mitochondria improve sperm respiration and motility.
✔️ A specific combination of biological buffers regulates and softens pH variations, maintaining the functionality of sperm cells.
✔️ The membrane protectors in their formula and their high antioxidant capacity protect the sperm membrane against lipo-peroxidation.
✔️ Unique membrane stabilizers prevent early sperm capacitation.
✔️ Effective wide spectrum antibiotic combination in compliance with European Directive 90/429/EEC.
✔️ Free of animal protein.
📰 The science behind extenders (Magapor)
Written by MB Swine Team on Jan. 30th 2020
🐖 Post cervical insemination is depositing the contents of the semen dose through the cervical region of the female reproductive system, using a simple or composite probe in the cranial portion of the cervix (1:traditional), the body of the uterus (2: post-cervical) or the beginning of the uterine horn (3: deep intrauterine).
🐽 The material used in post cervical probe is very important and has to meet a series of requirements: it has to be rigid enough to penetrate without difficulty, but at the same time it has to be flexible to blend in case the probe do not progress in a way that the animal do not get damaged.
📰 Recommendations for carrying out post cervical AI (Magapor)