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As a joint venture between Magapor (Spain) and Bretanha (Brazil), MB Swine Reproduction is thrilled to offer the American market what we do best; add value by providing quality products and services assisting our customers with their reproduction technology needs.

Magapor: World leader in the swine reproduction industry and technology partner for our customers.  We are specialists in the swine reproduction; it's all we do! We provide our partners and customers with solutions in each of the production processes that take place in boar studs and sow farms.
Bretanha: Specialists in Swine Reproduction and leader in solutions for the swine industry in Brazil.  Bretanha's specialists are proud to provide "Know how" and superior hands-on service to its clients. From the moment our service begins, we strive to create long lasting relationships that are based on finding solutions that provide long term value for our customers.


To transform the pig breeding market through innovation and excellence of our services and products, with a highly technical and professional capacity from our employees and service providers.


To be a reference in pig reproduction, with a focus on innovation, management, and reproductive performance, while ensuring continuous growth.


- Act in a Correct and Transparent Manner
- Be Available and Willing to Work Hard
- Find Ways to Grow and Evolve Together
- Search for Innovation and Continuous Technical Knowledge
- Exceed Customer Expectations, with Excellence and Simplicity
- Commit to Results
- Develop and Value Talent

MB Swine Reproduction History...


It was Pierre Yves Le Lay, a french citizen, who saw the opportunity of a new market in Brazil and founded Bretanha in March 1st, 2001. Two years later, in 2003, the entrepreneur and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Pedro Ivo de Quadros Filho had a vision to develop an innovative and technological company focusing strictly on swine production. 

Recognized by our key services and products

The main focus was to provide the customer with high quality programs and products. As well as, boar stud technical solutions & packaging solutions to make ensure their satisfaction.  By 2007, Bretanha had risen to become a prominent and trusted provider of reproductive technology products and solutions for the swine reproduction market in Brazil.

Innovation and Partnership

On May 12th, 2010, Rafael Scheibler took over the controls of the finances and administration of the company. In order keep growing and improving they partnered up with the Spanish company, Magapor. The partnership pioneered PCAI technology in Brazilwith an array of high performance and consistent quality products.

Boar Studs

​In the following years our company kept its focus on the design, development, manufacture and distribution of technology products for the swine artificial insemination industry.  Thanks to our commitment to continuous improvement we offer exclusive, innovative and top quality products.

The future and birth of MB Swine Reproduction

The strong partnership between Magapor and Bretanha, coupled with their ambition to keep innovating and expanding the swine reproduction technology markets, took them to March 16th, 2017 when our company, MB Swine Reproduction, was created.
The company located in Charlotte, NC, has the exclusive rights to distribute the Magapor’s technology and innovative products in the United States of America, with the goal to become the leader in the U.S. market.
The Magapor and Bretanha alliance, pioneered by our directors Pedro Ivo de Quadros Filho and Rafael Scheibler, has set the pace to provide the latest reproductive technologies, innovative products, and superior customer service through MB Swine Reproduction in the U.S. market. 


Magapor was the first company to guarantee a product line free of 
Phthalates, PVC, BPA, BADGE and Cyclic Lactone for swine reproduction.


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